The Red Circle is an Adult 18+ kink-friendly, and LGBTQ+ friendly E/RP focused community server that branches out to big and small venues all across the NA and EU data centers including the Elemental amd Materia DCs; promoting them and bringing them altogether in one centralized community hub that is The Red Circle. Upon becoming a member, individuals will gain access to a top-tier, high quality community experience that is member-focused, rich in history and lasting friendships. Join today to take part in community events as well as other fun activities!

What We Do

TRC scouts out venues, partnering with them through an affiliate program and promotes them, bringing them maximum attention and patron traffic. The Circle also hosts and sponsors events through the help of venues sometimes at that said venue, at public gatherings or roleplay workshops held in venues during closed or even open hours.

The Team

Delilah Valeris [Founder/Owner]

Alyssa Cross [TRC Rep]

Xiao Mesu [Admin]

Bubbles [Secretary]

Dream [Advisor]

Join the community at our discord down below for monthly workshop events, to be notified of every venue's openings, and oh so much more!

Our Affiliates

Primal DC
click the venue logo to be taken to their website

Cafe Oasis

Shangri-La Host Club

La Rose Rouge

Club Cyberia

Vermilion Host Club

The Silver Moogle

Honeysuckle Teahouse

The Serpent's Kiss

Horns & Heels


Whipped Lounge


Ethereal Nights

Order of the Echo


U.A. Academia Lounge

The Willow Circle

Aether DC

click the venue logo to be taken to their website

The Solstice Equinox


The Nest

The Syndicate

Under the Moonlight

Crystal DC

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Luxe Nightclub

The A'leycat

Community Affiliates

Thanatos Art

Bard Light Party


The Bard's Guild


FFXIV Bards & Bands

DJ MannMade


E/RP Workshops!

WARNING: Workshops contain an overabundance of fun! Sign up at your own discretion! These E/RP workshops vary on the topic of conversation for the evening; anything from rp to erp focused conversation. These are intended to help individuals better their roleplaying levels in any format and offer a wide range of fun including but not limited to shenanigans, helpful advice with a tad bit of shenanigans, and more shenanigans thrown in with the typical Lala passed out on a bar counter

Venue Hop Nights!

Spook FestAn annual spooky TRC Halloween event marking our anniversary of foundation.

1st Ever Annual Christmas Snowball Fight ☃️❄